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All alendronate News
05/22/2017 Evidence-based prevention and treatment of osteoporosis after spinal cord injury: a systematic review (Eur Spine J)
05/10/2017 The risk of lower gastrointestinal bleeding in low-dose aspirin users (Aliment Pharmacol Ther)
04/20/2017 Effect of teriparatide (rh-PTH 1-34) versus bisphosphonate on the healing of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture: A retrospective comparative study (BMC Musculoskel Disord)
04/20/2017 Compliance and persistence with oral bisphosphonates for the treatment of osteoporosis in female patients with rheumatoid arthritis (BMC Musculoskel Disord)
04/03/2017 Efficacy and safety of medical therapy for low bone mineral density in patients with Crohn disease: A systematic review with network meta-analysis (Medicine (Baltimore))
02/27/2017 A Comparative Study of Intravenous Injection Form and Oral Jelly Form of Alendronate Sodium Hydrate for Bone Mineral Disorder after Gastrectomy (Digestion)
01/28/2017 Efficacy of teriparatide in the treatment of nontraumatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head: a retrospective comparative study with alendronate (BMC Musculoskel Disord)
11/21/2016 Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) and atypical femoral fracture (AFF) in an osteoporotic patient chronically treated with bisphosphonates (Osteoporos Int)
11/21/2016 A model-based cost-effectiveness analysis of osteoporosis screening and treatment strategy for postmenopausal Japanese women (Osteoporos Int)
11/14/2016 Efficacy of bisphosphonate as an adjunct to Non-surgical periodontal therapy in the management of periodontal disease: a systematic review (Br J Clin Pharmacol)
11/01/2016 Repair of bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis by denosumab: A high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography study (Arthritis Care Res)
08/30/2016 Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Monoxide Protect Gastric Mucosa Compromised by Mild Stress Against Alendronate Injury (Dig Dis Sci)
07/14/2016 Comparative efficacy of bisphosphonates in short-term fracture prevention for primary osteoporosis: a systematic review with network meta-analyses (Osteoporos Int)
07/06/2016 Risk of hip, subtrochanteric, and femoral shaft fractures among mid and long term users of alendronate: nationwide cohort and nested case-control study (BMJ)
06/28/2016 Role of Side Effects, Physician Involvement, and Patient Perception in Non-Adherence with Oral Bisphosphonates (Adv Ther)
06/15/2016 Aggravation of spinal cord compromise following new osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture prevented by teriparatide in patients with surgical contraindications (Osteoporos Int)
05/24/2016 Male osteoporosis (Z Rheumatol)
05/17/2016 Oral Bisphosphonates and Risk of Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Am J Ophthalmol)
04/06/2016 Calcinosis in juvenile dermatomyositis: frequency, risk factors and outcome (Rheumatol Int)
03/31/2016 Effectiveness of bisphosphonate use and risk of contralateral breast cancer and recurrence in women with early-stage breast cancer treated with tamoxifen (Breast Cancer Res Treat)
03/24/2016 Treatment for osteoporosis in people with -thalassaemia (Cochrane Database Syst Rev)
02/29/2016 Incidence of Atypical Femur Fractures in Cancer Patients: The MD Anderson Cancer Center Experience (J Bone Miner Res)
02/19/2016 Acute bilateral uveitis and right macular edema induced by a single infusion of zoledronic acid for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis as a substitution for oral alendronate: a case report (BMC Musculoskel Disord)
01/25/2016 Urine Calcium and Bone Mineral Density in Calcium Stone-Forming Patients Treated with Alendronate and Hydrochlorothiazide (Urol Int)
01/22/2016 Postmenopausal Osteoporosis (N Engl J Med)
01/08/2016 Teriparatide Versus Alendronate for the Preservation of Bone Mineral Density After Total Hip Arthroplasty - A randomized Controlled Trial (J Arthroplasty)
12/30/2015 Risk of cardiac valvulopathy with use of bisphosphonates: a population-based, multi-country case-control study (Osteoporos Int)
12/20/2015 Determinants of change in bone mineral density and fracture risk during bisphosphonate holiday (Osteoporos Int)
12/20/2015 Documentation of renal glomerular and tubular impairment and glomerular hyperfiltration in multitransfused patients with beta thalassemia (Ann Hematol)
12/18/2015 An effect comparison of teriparatide and bisphosphonate on posterior lumbar interbody fusion in patients with osteoporosis: a prospective cohort study and preliminary data (Eur Spine J)

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